Fri. Jan 22nd, 2021


Provider guide for NordVPN

This guide assumes you already have OpenVPN installed and running and that you have already installed the openvpnsetupnord ipk plugin on your E2 receiver

You can purchase your NordVPN services here:

1) Open the Plugin Browser on your STB and select OpenVPN Setup Plugin

You will be presented with the plugin as in the screen shot below

2) Enter your NordVPN account details, username and password using the remote control using the number keys to enter your credentials (like typing an old style text message) followed by choosing the server you wish to connect to. You can scroll through the server options using the left and right arrow keys on your STB remote control while the Server option is highlighted.

3) Once the details are correctly entered and server chosen press Save (green button) on the STB remote control. Details will be saved and after a very short time the receiver GUI will restart.

4) When receiver boots back up again as in step one, open the Plugin Browser on your STB and select OpenVPN Setup Plugin

5) This is an optional step but just for peace of mind try pressing the Show IP button (yellow button) which at this stage should pop up something similar to below where both your original and external IP address show as the same thing (as we are not yet connected to the VPN). Press OK to exit and return to the main plugin screen.

6) Back on the main plugin screen and with all your details entered and saved as per previous steps you can now press the Generate button (blue button) and within a second or two should have a screen pop up something like the screen shot below.

7) Press the OK button to return to the main plugin screen and now try pressing the Show IP button (yellow button) again and if the VPN connection has been successful you should end up with a pop up screen like in the screen shot below where now it shows your original and current external IP addresses as being different – So now confirming you are connected to a VPN

That’s it as far as being connected to a VPN goes but here are a few more things to know about should you want to either disconnect from the VPN or force an online update to the latest version of plugin…


To disconnect and/or remove the current VPN connection then while in the plugin main screen as screen shot below then simply press the Delete button (red button).

This will pop up a screen similar to the one shown below which basically confirms the connection files have been removed and an OpenVPN restart has been made so within a few second you should now be disconnected from the VPN and returned to your standard ISPs external IP address.

If you want to update the plugin to whatever the latest online version currently is then you first need to make sure you follow the above steps for stopping and deleting any existing connection and then exit the plugin and re-enter.

You will see the main screen shot as below which now shows the red button as Update rather than delete. Press Update (red button) and the check for whatever is the latest version will be made online and installed on your STB, once complete an automatic GUI will be made.

If there is a later version available online to which you already had when the receiver boots back up and you check in the Plugin Browser you notice the version number of plugin has been updated. If no update existed either at all or in terms of later version then you will simply be presented with the same plugin version as previously, i.e. the plugin will still be there and available and working fine, you will not have lost the plugin, so no need to be afraid of running online plugin updates!